Welcome to Kiwi Drone Fishing

Kiwi Drone Fishing was set up by the NZ Motorhome Travel Group ( NZMTG ) who is an authorized selling agent for some of the top fishing drones on the New Zealand market.

At Kiwi Drone Fishing we are an independent set up that is driven by the feedback from our members to what fishing drones are good out there.

The fishing drones we sell have been used by ourselves and our NZMTG members with great results and we are pleased with the technology and performance of what they can offer.


If you have a new fishing drone brand you would like to be included in our displays and marketing we put in place for all to see then feel free to contact Mark, as we are independent and only want to deal with companies that stock their product and stand behind their brand with good customer service offered.

So in short if it is listed on our page, it has ticked the box's required, and you can feel happy in that it will do the job required and advertised to do.




Kiwi Drone Fishing can be found on Facebook then click on the events link to view upcoming fishing demos that we hold throughout the north island that you can attend to view some of the top fishing drones in action along with getting the help and training you require at the start to show you the correct way in getting your baits out to your target fish you are after.



So when you buy from us not only do you have the full support and service from the brands we sell, but you can be taught how to use them and attend social events.

The NZMTG is now your one stop shop offering the biggest range of fishing drones being sold in New Zealand.

New Zealand's Top Fishing Drones for Sale

The following fishing drones listed below are in alphabetical order, and have been used by ourselves or some of our NZMTG members to make sure they can do the job required in getting your gear out there.

All drones have a 12 month back to the importers warehouse warranty, you the customer have to send this back to the importer if there is a warranty issue and fill out their warranty details or send them an email with what the issue may be.

At Kiwi Drone Fishing we will try to help you or refer you onto someone who could before sending it away first as we understand it always happens at the worst time, i,e on the beach fishing.


Big Snapper Drone Fishing Package


You just pick what drone you require, and we can offer the full package below to not only get you set up but have everything you require to get the job done right from the start.

1 x Tanacom 1000 electric reel and one daiwa rod
1 x 10000mah lithium battery for your electric reel
1 X Big Snapper Rod Holder
1 X Nacsan drone line with astro riser ( 6 hooks 7.5m )
1 x 1000M of 80 pound braid
1 x Landing drone pad
Price $2500. ( Subject to stock availability )


10000MAH Lithium Battery

Eletric reel battery that comes with its own case to attach to your rod and battery charger.

This lithium battery has a led light display to know how much charge it has.

Cost is $399.00 inc gst plus courier



A22 Condor Fishing Drone

The Condor Fishing Drone is very easy to calibrate, there is no need for a separate phone app to get speed, altitude and battery information when setting.

Easy calibration, two steps taking 20 seconds once a day when using it.

The Condor fishing drone is easy to use even for those who struggle with technology. This is the perfect entry level fishing drone to get you out there catching fish.

20mins fly time
( Will automatically return at 7-8mins to keep safe )
300g safety load, 1100g max

1000m flying distance.

Condor fishing drone $1600.00

Spare Battery $200.00

AEE Condor A22 Backpack $100.00

Propellers: $20.00 for a pair (1 cw and 1 ccw)  $40.00 for a set (2 cw and 2 ccw)



We are waiting to see who the Gannet dealer in New Zealand will be as there has not being a gannet dealer since 4th August 2023.


Shark X

Now here is a great fishing drone that gets your gear out there and returns back without any drone flying skills required.


Dimensions: 480 X 480 X 215 mm, Weight: 2.4kg
Max speed: 10m/s, Propellor size: 16”

Max payload: 3kg, Remote range: 1km

IP class: IP66, Battery: 6000m Ah Lipo 6S 25.2V


More than 23 knots wind resistance, 24 mins flying time.

Cost $3099.00 ( this could change due to the New Zealand dollar on the next shipment )

( comes with one battery, one set of props, charger, and carry case to hold it all ).


Set of props $150.00 ( a pair )

Landing Pad $150.00

Drone battery $350.00

Fisherman FD3 Pro

Fisherman FD3 is a water resistant fishing
drone that gets the job done. FD3 consolidates
many of SwellPro’s latest fishing drone

Calibration-Free Flight Sensors
1.6 km casting range
Bait Capacity: 4.8 LBS / 2.2kg
4K Camera
Flight time: 27 min
S5 Flight Controller
GPS 9.0 Precise Positioning
Slide-in Battery
IPX5 Saltwater Resistant
Level 6 Wind Resistance
Auto- Fish FD Fly App
Auto-Drop & Return back to shore in case of low battery and loss of signal.
FD3 can access multiple satellite systems including GPS, Gionass, Galileo and Beidou for better signal quality and accuracy.
Fisherman FD3 Pro $4499.00

(with single axis 4K Camera as in the picture shown)

Standard FD3 Model $3799.00 ( release only no camera  )

Extra Battery $499.00

FD3 Proplers $199.00 per set ( 2x proplers )



Fisherman Max Pro Model

Fisherman Max Profish Model
Comes with a carry case, propellers,
SD4 drone, controller, charger &
cables and manual.
FD2 Standard Can:
- Carry up to 3.5kg weight
- Go up to 1.5km range
- Carbon Fibre Arms and Propellers
- Comes with a waterproof payload
Flight time: 30 mins

4K camera

x1 Fisherman Max Drone (Advanced)
x1 Remote Controller (Advanced)

Cost $5299.00

Extra Battery $499.00
Extra Propellers $199.00 ( pair )



Big Snapper Rod Holder

Big Snapper Rod Holder and the Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder has been designed to give you the all-round strength and stability when fishing from the beach, simply slide the fishing rod into the rod holder and you are ready to fish.
No more trying to push your fishing stand into the sand anymore, simply just stand on the footplate and gravity and your weight will push it down with just a little sideways motion until the bottom plate is flash with the sand and locked into place ready to load it up and start fishing.
These Rod Holders are ready to take on anything big you may catch or be able to load up with any extra items you may require as the pictures show on the left, from extra rod holders, bait boards, to fish bait holders.
This has been designed by Big Snapper for that fishing person who requires strength and support from the beach, not only just in case you catch the big one either.

Big Snapper Rod Holder comes as a self-standing rod holder. $495.00

Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder comes as a self-standing holder. $395.00

Big Snapper Rod Holder is 1.500mm long, with 1000mm above the sand, and has a 500mm custom made sand grip under the foot plate, with a 50mm pipe section that can take most rods with ease on the New Zealand market. Weight is 6.5kg
Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder is 1.500mm long, with 1000mm above the sand, with one foot plate that faces towards the water, and a 50mm wide down section. Weight is 3.2kg
Big Snapper Rod Holder Bait Container
This is the perfect setup to add to your Rod Holder, with it being easy to clean and holds your bait off the sand away from birds and dogs trying to get at it, also has a drink and knife holder and bait cutting board on top.
You can even just add water into the container so you can keep your hands washed throughout the day, or add your extra fishing items into it.
This can be removed from your Rod Holder to clean it, or be adjusted to any height or turned around to any angle to suit you when fishing.
Comes with rubber attachment on the rod holder ready for the bait container to be added.
Bait container details: Width 345mm, Height 220mm, Depth 280mm
Cost $ 145.00
You can add other trays and rod holders to the Big Snapper Rod Holder as the pictures show on the left.

Drone Electric Winch

Drone Braid Electric Winch 1500

Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction. Powerful 150 watt motor - won't heat up. Only weighs 6.5kg with the line and battery on it.

Gear Ratio 25:1

Retrieval Rate 5km/hr approx. 80 metres per minute Solid torque gearbox/drive.

Comes with a handle attached in case you ever have to wind by hand.

Down pole is 38mm diameter.

Perfect for all fishing drone setups.

Cost $1199.00


Battery $175.00

Battery charger $50.00



Drone Landing Pads

We sell the best drone landing pad we have found on the New Zealand market, folds out and lays flat with no pegs required.
Afterwards just hose it down and it packs away into a little carry bag.
Cost $150.00 plus courier

New Fishing Drones


Have you got a great Fishing Drone you would like Kiwi Drone Fishing to start selling and marketing for all to see at our demos and advertising platforms we use.

We are driven by what our NZMTG members inform us and ask us to sell.

As we only sell fishing drones that have been tested and used by ourselves to make sure they can perform and do what they are advertised to do.

So, if you stand behind your product and feel it is one of the top fishing drones on the New Zealand market, we would like to hear from you.

Email: mark@nzmtg.co.nz

Cell: 0212 808893

Drone Demos


Kiwi Drone Fishing holds a number of drone fishing demos and displays throughout the north island, with some of the top fishing drones on display for upcoming customers to view and find out what would be the best fishing drone for them.

If your club or RSA would like to look at holding one of our drone fishing displays inside your club or at your local beach, then feel free to contact Mark.



We will work with you and custom a package to suit your club requirements to give them the latest information in drone fishing.

Email: mark@nzmtg.co.nz

Cell: 0212 808893

The images listed above are promotional images and may differ to those listed for sale in the above sections.
This could also be the type of camera shown and may differ to the product listed in the package price.
Please email us if you have any questions or would like further details or images.

To Place Your Order

To order your fishing drone email Mark with your contact details and delivery address and to what item you require and he will send you the details for you to confirm your order.
Feel safe and confident when placing an order through the NZ Motorhome Travel Group ( NZMTG ) as we have been set up since 2015 dealing with happy customers.
Websites : www.kiwidronefishing.co.nz  or  www.nzmtg.co.nz 
Cell: 0212 808893


Kiwi Drone Fishing Training

At Kiwi Drone Fishing we are now looking after our customers and the public who are wanting to get into this great fishing sport, so many just watch youtube videos and think they are experts, learn the right way from the start by getting trained by having a lesson from Mark who is a very experienced in drone fishing.

If you are shown and given the correct information and helpful tips when you first start off, you are more likely to enjoy your early fishing drone experiences.

Once you have unpacked your fishing drone and set it up and had a few goes flying it first, then you are ready to be set up on the beach with your gears and be shown how this should be done along with getting lots of helpful tips to target what you after, then arrange with Mark as he will now be holding drone training days at different locations and times throughout the year.

One hour Kiwi Drone Fishing Training $POA

We are the only drone business in New Zealand that offers the following:

A ) Authorized drone deal for some of the top fishing drone brands in NZ

B) You are buying through the NZ Motorhome Travel Group ( NZMTG ) no scams here.

C) Be trained in how to drone fish correctly and be giving lots of helpful advice.

D ) We hold social events throughout the year you can attend.

E ) We run NZ Drone Fishing group on facebook where you can join and get lots of help along the way.


Kiwi Drone Fishing Tips

So you have just bought yourself a new fishing drone from us, We have put together some very helpful tips to get your started.

Please read the information that's comes with your new fishing drone first, don't just watch a few you tube videos and think you can fly this.


First flight

A) Your first flight should always be in a big park or open beach, well away from people and animals and trees. This is just in case you do something wrong, there is less risk. It’s also a good idea for your first flight NOT to be over water and forget trying to fly a baited trace out to sea on your first flight.

Fully Charge your drone

B ) Always make sure you have fully charged your drone battery and also the remote control battery before you attempt to fly. Even if you think there is a charge in the battery but don’t know for sure – then don’t fly it.

Calibrate your drone if required

Make sure you calibrate the drone before your first flight. This is an important step for most drones before any flight, so it’s a good idea to learn how to calibrate your drone properly. Also, DON’T Calibrate the drone with the propellers installed already. This is a safety measure because you will need to spin the drone in your hands. Once the Calibration is complete, then you can install the propellers.

Stay in GPS Mode

This mode is sometimes called different things, depending on what drone you have. In GPS Mode the drone uses a GPS while in flight to ensure that it holds in one location (horizontally) while you are not controlling it with the Joysticks. This makes the drone much easier to fly (as it will not drift with the wind, which is what you get if you are instead in ATTITUDE, or MANUAL Mode). So if you leave the drone in GPS Mode right from the start, this is the best option and this means that the drone will hold both altitude and GPS Position.

Understand the Switches and Buttons

Be sure you go through the buttons and controls on your remote, fully understand & familiarise yourself with what each means before your first flight, apart from understanding how the joysticks behave, buttons or switches like “Return to Home”, “Manual Mode”, “Auto Landing” are all functions of the remote that you need to get used to using.

First flight DON’T use the Phone APP to control the drone

For your first flight, it’s a good rule of thumb NOT to try and fly using the Phone & APP to begin with. Use the Remote Control ONLY to control the drone. This means using the drone in full “manual control”, so that you are using the Joysticks to control the height, and the movement of the drone horizontally while in the air, rather than say and Autocast or waypoint mission features of the APP (where the drone is using full autopilot to be controlled). By using the remote control, this gives you the basic feel for the drone in the air an how it handles, and a better understanding of the drone without the additional complication of the APP (and all the different functions and features that the APP has also). For your first flight it’s enough to just get your head around controlling the drone solely using the remote control.

Always point the nose of your fishing drone away from you

Once you have completed all of the above, and you are ready for your first flight put the drone in front of you and stand at a good distance away from it ( behind it and to the side ). The nose or front of the drone should always face away from you and the area you are looking to fly in should be the area that the nose of the drone is facing. Never try to fly behind yourself as this just adds complication that you don’t need until you become really proficient at drone fishing.

Be gentle with the Joysticks

Don’t get too cocky, too quickly and instead ease into using the joysticks with small movements, particularly with things like taking off and landing. Mistakes are more likely to happen if you are too aggressive with the joystick controls until you are more experienced and confident.One of the big problems is sending your drone out to fast, its not a race so back it off to 70% to allow action if something like a birds nest does happen on your rod & reel.