Big thank you to all who attended our last music festival held at the NZMTG Taupo Park Over.

We got lots of great feed back from those who came and to the bands who performed for all to enjoy.


The NZMTG has a great overnight parking location for all Motorhomes, Caravans & fifth wheeler owners plus a set area for tents to come & enjoy in a nice country location 17 km’s north of Taupo.



Here is our Taupo Music Festival facebook link for you to follow what’s happening.



1760 Broadlands Road Taupo

This is 17 kms from Taupo heading north, located in a lovely country location


Yes but must be on a lead at all times in the overnight & music festival area.


  1. Must be NZMTG self-contained if staying in the NZMTG Park over location.
  2. Those staying in tents will have a port a loo on site to use.
  3. All waste and rubbish MUST be removed by yourself.
  4. No open fires
  5. Any generators must be turned off between 10pm – 8am.
  6. Please note this location is for friendly social people to come & stay who enjoy meeting other like-minded people.
  7. Each person will be given a wrist band depending on what package they have bought, no wrist band no entry & will be asked to leave.
  8. Taupo Music Festival will put safety first when making the call to what happens at our event. 
  9. Please note no refunds will be given if it rains after the music festival has started. 
  10. no entry after 9pm sorry
  11. Key team members will make the call at 10am on the 3rd Feb 2018 if the music festival will be held on the 4th Feb 2018, this will be advertised on our facebook page.
  12. All music on site must be turned off by 12 midnight